About Me

   I am a wife to my wonderful husband Dave, and mother/homeschool teacher to 3 amazing boys(Cody, Collin & Colton). I consider those two titles, the most important in my life. We live on a farm with a host of assorted animals and a "This is God's country!" view.
   I have a Wellness Massage Therapy private practice where I get to help some wonderful people restore and heal their bodies...I love my job.
   I am part of a loving church family, and am proud to say that I am a child of God saved only by the grace of Jesus Christ's shed blood.
   If I get to have a lazy moment, you might find me out on our deck with a coffee, or taking a walk with my camera. I hope you enjoy a glimpse of the country life.
   Come back as often as you like, and leave me note to let me know you were here.

  Blesings to you!