Monday, October 18, 2010

Hmmmm... Let me think about that

Hmmm...Let me think about that. This is what I need to say to myself more often before I speak.

While on a wonderful ladies retreat weekend, the Lord spoke to me through our wonderful speaker. Part of her talk was on controlling the tongue...ouch! Very convicting I must say. Just when I think I'm doing alright, my precious Father shines a light on an area that needs more work and this is a big one.

I talk...alot. And sometimes at the end of a rambling I think...hmmm why did I say that? It can be so easy to tear others down, especially when you've got agreeing company. But negative words are every bit as powerful as encouraging ones, and they don't make us attractive either.

Consider two old women. One has a face lined by years of laughter and smiling, she has a light in her eyes and an encouraging smile...her lines tell us she has been this way for years. The other woman's face is lined with frown lines, harsh on her forehead...pursed lips as if a smile hasn't been there in years.

 I want to be the young(ish) woman that sets a habit of giving smiling encouragement now, so that it shows on my face when I am old. I think this can start with my words. I do try to be positive, most of the time...but do I make the effort to filter my thoughts before they rush out of my mouth?

Do I honor my husband when I get bent out of shape? or do I leave others thinking less of him?...I hope not, that would be a shame, because he is a wonderful man that shows me love and I would be lost without him.

Do I honor my kids when I have had "one of those days"? I don't want anyone to think any less of them either, they are great kids that are truly gifts straight from heaven.

What about the people who need an encouraging word, but I leave it unsaid.....

What about the word that I am saying to the person that I know will take it too personally and yet, I say it anyway, knowing that I should let it go to keep the peace....

What about the word of judgement I pass upon another without knowing the pain they are going through, maybe I'm just another in a long line of those who cast judgement, when what is really needed is understanding and guidance....

I am thankful for the reminder of taming the tongue, and the mental picture of the two old faces...I still have time to work on my lines and wrinkles, and I know what picture I want to look like.

Here's to laugh lines and crow's feet!!! :)

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