Monday, July 11, 2011

Beautiful Girlhood

   Those of you who know me, know that I am a mother of 3 amazing young men that I adore more than life itself. God did not see fit that I would have a daughter, but that doesn't mean he hasn't given me any girls to love...on the contrary, He has blessed me with many.

   Most of my very best friends have daughters, therefore, I have gotten to be a part of their lives. There are three girls in particular, that I have had the privilege of knowing since they were born. Stephanie, Chelsea, and Katelyn.

   Stephanie is a great girl that is a year older than my oldest son, so I got to watch her grow her first year and that helped me prepare for my baby. She has grown into a beautiful young woman, she is funny and easy to talk to. She comes from a godly home with good parents who have been our friends since high school. I pray that she will always hear God's voice and follow it. There is no better plan :)
Love ya Steph!

   Chelsea is an outgoing girl that I have also known since birth, she was born the same year as my oldest. And I have loved watching her grow up into the beauty she is now...and can this girl sing! I wish that she would use this wonderful talent that God gave her more often...keep singin Chels. Her mom and I had our kids convinced we were sisters so we think of ourselves more like "Aunts" to each other's kids. I pray for her too to follow God's leading throughout life.
Love ya Chels!

   Katelyn was also born the same year as my oldest...if he would've been a girl they would have had the same name, same spelling and all...I love her name. Katelyn is so easy to be around and has a servant heart, she will help anyone anyway she can. This makes her beautiful inside and out. Her parents are also longtime friends of ours, so since our families have been so close, Katelyn has just beautifully grown literally before our eyes. My prayer is the same for her as keep following the Lord all through life.
Love ya Kate!

   Recently, God has seen fit to have me be involved with the teen girls from our church youth group. I get to lead a Bible study every week with these girls and they are awesome. My friend Lorilee leads the music and worship portion of our night. She is also a mom of boys, but God is using her in these girls lives as well. Another friend, Denise, helps out as well, but she actually is a mom to girls and understands the "details" of teen girls. I am so blessed to be a part of this group of beautiful young girls, just take a look...
Kellie, Alyssa, Chloe, Bethany, Theodora
(Katelyn, Chelsea, Hannah, Caity and Kelly are missing from this picture)

Theodora is one of the sweetest girls I know. She has a great laugh and is a fabulous story writer! She has a heart for God and I pray she stays close to him. Love ya Theodora!

Chloe is a sweet, funny, godly young lady. I have seen her be a big help to her family as a big sister, she will be a great mom someday. I pray that she will stay on the godly path she is on now and grow in the Lord. Love ya Chloe!

Alyssa is a funny, wonderful girl I have not known as long, but have gotten attached to quickly. I am glad her and her mom are a part of our "Girl's Nights" I pray for her to hear God's leading for her life and that she will always listen for it. Love ya Alyssa!

Kellie is a sweet, compassionate girl that loves the Lord. I am so glad to be getting to know her more in our group and see her grow in her walk as a beautiful young woman of God. I pray she always goes to the One who has the plan. Love ya Kellie!

Hannah is a sweet girl that seeks after God, she is always ready to pray for someone in need. I pray that she always has this fire for God and that she seeks wisdom from the Word when making life decisions. Love ya Hannah!

Bethany is perhaps the closest relationship I have to a daughter right now since she is Cody's girlfriend. But even before she was his girlfriend, I have enjoyed knowing her and seeing how she truly wants to please God. I pray that she will always rest in the faith that God is in control and He is faithful. Love ya Bethany I'm so glad to have you in my life!

Our group is a great mix of girls and we have added to the group here and there. Caity and Kelly, I don't have pictures of you beautiful girls yet, but have loved having you in our Bible studies!

   So...I have this sphere of girls that I get to be an encouragement's a big responsibility and it is an honor to know each of them. God knew I had a desire to "mother" young girls. Each of them have wonderful mothers and great relationships with them. It is my desire to just be part of a support team for these girls.

   God is so loving that he would provide all these girls in my life. I pray that I am a positive influence and can speak encouragement to the fact that they are beautiful creations, made by a perfect Creator who made them with a purpose just for them.

   With all the negative influences on young women out there, I encourage everyone to get involved with a teen girl and speak encouragement into her life, pray for her, love her unconditionally...your life will be blessed by it.

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Linda said...

How nice that God has placed you in a place with all of these lovely young woman so that you can teach and mentor them. And so that you can faithfully pray for them. That is wonderful.

Thanks for coming to my blog today and for becoming a follower. I am also following you Allison.

I raised three daughters and have had 14 grandchildren, but 3 of them live with Jesus. So in the 11 here on earth we have 5 girls and 6 boys. We are greatly blessed.

Have a good weekend. One that is full of God's love and blessings!

Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

Unknown said...

Hi Allison! I love that you have found such a wonderful to serve God and teach young women. Girls needs as many good mentors as they can get.

Thanks for visiting today at Imitation by Design! I'm following you back. I'm *almost* a country girl! :P