Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Kitchen Remix

   Well, we are redoing our kitchen! I'm so excited. We have a fairly big kitchen space and love to have lots of people over...but...while I can fit lots of people in there, I can't fit all my cups or plastic containers in my cabinets. We are busting at the seems!
   Some time back, friends of ours got a new kitchen and allowed us to take the wall cabinets they were taking out. I am a hopeless romantic when it comes to refinishing old things and loving them back to life. So of course when I saw these old cabinets needing a new home, I had to have them :)
   I can't believe it, but I didn't take any "before" pictures! My hubby had some time, and we just jumped in to ripping things out and starting this big project while we could. I have scoured through my pictures and found a couple of them that give an idea of what it looked like.
   We  don't have a lot of time (or money) so it will be a long drawn out project, but I'm so encouraged to be getting started! My plan is to post our progress as we move along. Feel free to leave some advice in the comments. We have done a lot of remodeling, but not on kitchens.
   In our "old" kitchen, we only have 3 1/2 wall cabinets, one big useless space under the sink, 3 small base cabinets and one base unit with drawers. I had a shallow floor to ceiling cupboard to hold food, and an awkward pantry type thing built in one wall. BUT, I had a long wall with nothing on it. It was begging for some cabinets! I had a kitchen table there that no one ate at and just usually held stuff that wouldn't fit in anywhere.
   The walls were white when we moved in 8 years ago, and white they stayed. I am painting them a creamy coffee/ chocolaty color called "Macchiato", and the cabinets will be painted cream and will have an antiqued finish. I love coffee and the contents of my morning cup inspired me. I am planning to have a little area devoted to all things coffee, kind of a mini coffee bar.
   Along that blank canvas of a wall we will be running counter top, but not base cabinets. I want to leave the bottom  open for bar stools of some sort. We are thinking about pouring our own concrete counter tops. Do any of you have experience with that?
Anyway here are a couple of pictures to serve as "Before" shots...


(Above)This is the wall that will get all the newly finished cabinets. We moved the 
fridge and found an awful peachy paint color!
Also this ugly wall paper was behind the cabinets!(Right)

Here we see usually our "company" is a house full of teens. We love it! Anyway I had this rolling cart by the door to hold small appliances, the microwave and coffee pot. To the right of that is the tall cupboard that I used as a pantry. Then I have 1 1/2 half cabinets over the stove. to the right of that is my corner sink.

After the corner sink, you see two upper cabinets and my corner of small base cabinets. Then the dishwasher and fridge. And there you see that long blank wall with a shelf on it...longing for cabinets and counter top! I know I will be giving up floor space, but I think it will be worth it. ( These lovely people are my husbands aunt and uncle and cousins. Love spending time with family!)

So Hopefully I will get a chance to get some pictures up soon of what we have done so far. Any suggestions for flooring? We are thinking of  doing a heated tile floor.


Michelle said...

It sounds like it going to look great. Can't wait to see the finish project.

Unknown said...

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