Thursday, March 22, 2012

A Call to Prayer: Do we hear it?

Ezekiel 36:26 God promises to renew our hearts.

This week our church has been having prayer services every night for an hour. During that time we pray a family of believers...unified before our Heavenly Father. We pray for revival first in our own hearts and lives as well as the rest of the congregation that didn't make it out to the prayer service. We pray for a renewing of the Holy Spirit...a renewed passion for serving the One who so freely came to serve.

   I, like many others, am tempted to think that I am too busy...too tired...not feeling well...can't spend the gas every night...I'm tempted to think "Well, I'm sure there will be enough people who will show up, so I can just join in with my prayers at home"....

   I think one of Satan's greatest weapons are our own excuses and thoughts. He whispers to us and reminds us of how busy we are. He keeps us occupied with distractions of all kinds...and we let him.

   I can't help but think about how Jesus went to the garden to pray..his heart was heavy knowing what was coming. He asked the disciples to watch while He went to pray...they fell asleep.

   We as a church, (the whole church, not just the local church) I'm afraid, have fallen asleep. We forget that we take part in the spiritual battle when we pray...together as a body. We have gotten comfortable in our routine...Maybe we go to church Sunday morning...maybe even Sunday night...sometimes a Wednesday night...but for one week, could we go every night? for just one hour...

   Is Christ asking us to stand watch? Are we too tired? We could stay home and pray...but then we miss out on the strength you feel when you sit side by side linking up prayers...building where one prayer leaves off...we miss feeling the Holy Spirit move from person to person as He brings to our minds different areas of the ministry to pray for.

   I am glad that the leaders of our church care enough to set aside a week for nightly prayer for the health of our church. And I am  proud of the prayer warriors who came, especially the group of fabulous teens...they are the next generation of the church, we need to boldly set the example and hand them a healthy vibrant church.

   If you are a believer, I challenge you to set aside one hour a day to pray for revival in the hearts of Christians everywhere... the health of our churches...the state of our own hearts...where God would have us be His hands and feet...If we all were willing to devote one hour to pray for the state of the church in this country, we could change the country!

   We are so blessed to live in a country where we can openly pray and worship...we should not get too comfy ans sleepy ...we need to nurture that right through prayer. 

P.U.S.H: Pray Until Something Happens

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Clint Baker said...

I will join you in prayer! Another area we have fallen asleep in (I am afraid) is being watchmen on the wall. Being Acts 17:11 good Bereans, testing everything to make sure it is from God and to make sure that it is Solo Scriptora. It scares me when see fellow brothers and sisters in Christ carrying around "Christian" books that are written by Universalists or even someone from another religion (just an example). I believe you are right we have become complacent in our walks with Jesus! Thanks for posting!