Friday, March 18, 2011

Worth a Closer Look...

 A few weeks ago I was out on a beautiful snowy day doing one of my favorite things...taking pictures of anything and everything that caught my eye. Walking in the brisk air, I was talking to God like I usually do when I am out taking nature shots. Focusing on the details just shows me how big and powerful and creative He is.

   As I stood looking around for what to photograph next, I notice some snowflakes falling on the sleeves of my black fleece jacket. The detail in these tiny works of art is just amazing. I have always been fascinated by them ever since I was little and heard that no two are alike.

    I pull my arm up for a closer look... I just start to see the crystalized pattern of one lone starts to melt just from my warm fragile, so temporary...I begin to examine a cluster of flakes that have sort of piled up together, interlocking with each other...I'm more careful not to let my breath chase them away...they seem to last longer while grouped together vs. sittling all alone. I find myself appreciating each design I can eyes change focus to all the millions of snowflakes filling my yard. Most will never be seen by human eyes...created, displayed, loved by their creator, but not noticed.

   We are like snowflakes, unique, beautiful, created with great detail. We can melt under pressure, but together, we are stronger. God put so much love and detail into these tiny frozen creations, but so much more into us. How many times do we fail to see the beauty in others...we walk by but don't take a closer look at God's treasured creation.

   I feel kind of sad that there are so many snowflake designs I will never see. I am reminded of the many times I am too busy to appreciate the people that God may send my way,... people that should be cared for,... treated delicately,...could teach me,...strengthen me.

   Lord, please help me to never take for granted the people you have placed in my life, they are your creation. Some are big and sturdy, some are fragile and fleeting, some are sharp and pointed...all are beautiful and worthy of a closer respectful look.

   I am so thankful for the way God shows me things when I look through the lense of a camera.

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Unknown said...

What pretty pictures! Thanks for stopping by my kitchen!! ♥- Katrina