Monday, June 6, 2011

18 yrs

   18 years sounds like a long time...unless your a mother with a soon to be 18 yr. old. How time has just seemed to slip by. The past couple of weeks have been a little busier than usual. We finished up our homeschool year, got our portfolios of work together, got our evaluations done, sent everything in to get Cody's diploma, and are preparing for a big graduation party this weekend. I would love to slow down and enjoy this...I don't want it to pass by and feel as though I worked on "it" so much that I feel I missed "it".
   I have had my emotional moments this past year ( you know this if you are a regular reader). Probably the most recent one was when a fedex box came with Cody's cap and gown in it....he was all excited and put the cap on...all I saw was his little face in his kindergarten graduation cap! Wasn't that just yesterday?! Of course that image faded and I saw the handsome young man before me. Oh, there are still shadows of that 5 yr. old ornery smile there, but this tall, strong, young man of God, has grown up before my eyes. I am proud of him...
   Any homeschool family out there will tell you... there are moments of real I doing the right thing?...Is he learning enough?...We took homeschooling one year at a time, and here we are finished!
   Cody has far out learned me...proof that God is in control. He did well on his SATs and earned a high honors scholarship and will go to college this fall...I DIDN'T RUIN HIM!!! This makes me want to hang in there with my other two boys and see this through. It has been hard, my husband & I both work, but we feel so strongly that this is our job to educate and train these boys. It has taken some getting use to me not being home full time, but with the boys older and able to work independently, it is working. (of course I want each year to be better than the last)
   So as I clean the house, cook for the crowd that is coming, sort through pictures to display...I want to enjoy, look up, take it all in. This is an accomplishment for our homeschool family, but it is a memory for us that I want to slow down and enjoy.
   Cody, we are so proud of you. Can't wait to see where God leads you!

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Farmgirl Cyn said...

Looks like you have done an excellent job! Congratulations to both you and your son....