Monday, June 27, 2011

Come Walk with Me

   I love to get outside and walk. Life has been so hectic lately with Cody graduating and getting the kids to summer camps and trying to add on to my massage therapy practice....I have not been able to get out and enjoy the beautiful sunshine lately, but the other day, I went on a walk...

   My wonderful husband Dave, mowed a walking path through our hay fields for me. I love it! The walk up the farm road is a real workout for sure...My walking partners are our dogs that are brother and sister. We found them as tiny pups, just dumped off hiding in a culvert pipe on our road. There names are Native American names...hers is Sacari which means "sweet" and his is Lakota which means " friend to all". They are great dogs, and good walking buddies.

   There is nothing like being out in nature to just draw me right into the presence of the Mighty Creator. The hay swaying back and forth in the breeze just seems to be in praise...the way that the shadows roll across the fields seem to just testify to the power that made them....Wow God! And as incredible as all this beauty around us and I are His greatest love! We are the most valued of His creation. Do you know this? Do you know Him? I hope so, He already knows you ... He had a whole plan for you when He made you! Next time you are out on a beautiful day, remember that God is looking at you, admiring the beauty of His greatest creation.

  So... want to go on my walking path with me?... just click the Walking Path photo album at the top of the page :)


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