Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Highlights at the Hillberrys

   Wow! What a wonderfully busy Christmas season! I had hoped to share along the way, but had zero time to blog. I hope that you enjoy a peek into just a few of our family's Christmas traditions...

First was our hunt for a Christmas tree...we always get a real tree for our living room. I have several artificial trees for other rooms, but didn't get to set them all up...

We went to a new place not far form where we live that had pre-cut trees to pick from. We look each one over and pick the one that we all agree on...

This years was shorter than usual, but I loved it!

This was a beautiful farm...we will probably be back :)

Next we take it home and decorate it....

I love old-timey and homespun ornaments:)

We like to hang all our Christmas cards on our staircase...I'd love to hear what you do with yours?

Colton wanted to make a gingerbread house with his brothers this year for the table centerpiece...I think it turned out pretty cute!

   We also attended the Children's Choir Christmas Play. Our youngest son Colton was in it. The kids did a great job and the director Robin is amazing!
These kids sang their hearts out!

Colton was one of the wise men (he's on the left) they were talking about the possibility that it may not have been "3" kings.

There were a couple of numbers that used a black light for a really cool effect!

"The Angel Rap"

The stars of the show

The kids did sign language to "Abba Father" it was beautiful!

   One of our long time traditions is going to Oglebay, we go through the zoo, watch a laser light show, and drive through the light displays, it's not Christmas without this one!
The zoo...
 I love poison frogs, they are soooo cute! (too bad they're poisonous)

 Can you find the hidden Mossy frogs? These are so cool!

Beautiful lights at Oglebay...

  We sat out in the gazebo to watch the lights dance to music from Trans-Siberian OrchestraWonder how many of these there are at Oglebay? (I'm sure the brochure said it somewhere)

Snoopy always there to point the way to go :)

The Kids have enjoyed Oglebay for years. I'm so glad they still get into it!

On Christmas eve....

We go to our church's Christmas Eve service ......

Lots of people participate with singing and instrumentals, and reading the Christmas story right from the Bible...After the advent wreath is all lit up by the children in the congregation, the Elders take the light from the Christ candle and light the candle of the first person in each pew. Then the light is passed down the pew as each person lights the candle of the person next to them. I love the feeling this simple act brings!

Then all the lights are turned off and the whole church sings "Joy to the World" by the light of the candles...

Then on the last verse, everyone holds their candle high as you sing "He rules the world with truth and grace..." I love it! it's the best! I hope you all get to experience a Christmas Eve service.

...And then home to put baby Jesus in the Nativity  while we sing "Happy Birthday". Again this is one we have been doing since we had our first child (so glad the kids still do this as well) The boys take turns every year-this year was Collin's turn.

...Then the boys give their gifts to each other, and Dave and I exchange gifts and let the boys open one from us. The rest of the gifts have to wait til morning!

I love the boys haming it up for me when I've got the camera...hey they really do love each other!

My handsome farm boy tryin on the new coat I got him..

My hubby though he was clever wrapping my gift in packing tape so I couldn't get into it!

This ring says "I am my Beloveds and My Beloved is Mine" (in Hebrew)...I think I will keep him! ;)

On Christmas Day...

   We got up early and opened all the gifts and then headed off to church with the turkey baking in the oven (oh the house smelled sooo good when we got home from church!) Then my mom and step-dad came for dinner and spent most of the day with us.
My Mom and Steve - She has been wanting that computer game so bad but couldn't find it...doesn't she look like a kid at Christmas?! LOL

   Then my in-laws came for dessert and coffee and we exchanged gifts with them...
Dave's Mom and Dad looking at the photo book I had made from the trip they took us on to Niagara Falls and Lake Erie this summer.

Colton looking like "Elf on a Shelf" LOL

What a day full of blessings! It is a bit of a time crunch when Christmas falls on Sunday, but I wouldn't miss the service... after all Jesus is the reason we are celebrating. Worship is the perfect thing to do on Christmas!

From our family to yours, we hope you had a blessed Christmas and will have a Happy New Year!!!

P.S. I got all these awesome coffee themed gifts from wonderful people...I may have a slight addiction and people must have noticed lol?

Be sure and comment below and let us know what your favorite Christmas traditions are...


JNPmommie said...

You're such a neat lady with a wonderful family. I am blessed to call you friend!

Allison of A Farmgirl's View said...

Thanks Tammie! I am blessed by your friendship too :)

Unknown said...

Dear Allison,
Looks like the perfect Christmas to me! Happy New Year to you and yours... wishing you all good things in 2012!