Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year Traditions

   Wow! hard to believe it is 2012! I am feeling so hopeful about this year, I don't know's like I have a special peace inside. This makes me excited to see what God will do in the coming year...He's always so faithful to our little family!
   New Year's Eve was a fun night. We always invite our friends over as well as the kid's friends. It is so important to celebrate friendship! Friends are a blessing from the Lord and we should not (but often do) take them for granted. So for us, New Year's Eve is our celebrating the wonderful friends we've had all year and looking forward to the year ahead with them. We had close to 20 over and it's a tight squeeze at times (especially if 4 people are playing Just Dance on the Wii) but that's OK. Hopefully we will have even more over next year.
   Not only do we have amazing friends, but our kids have amazing friends too. It is truly a  pleasure to have these kids over and we have watched them grow up into wonderful people!
   Here are some highlights...
Dancing fun!

Our good friends Kelly & Tony and Brian & Lorilee

Mother/Daughter Dance Duo
( Chelsea & Tammy)

Zach, Brandon, Chels

Great kids!

Playing Spoons!

Intense game of spoons!

Watching the ball drop

Back to playing games :)

Our good friends Tammy & Mark

   New Year's Day we got up and went to church, a few boys spent the night, but amazingly we all got up and out the door on time!
   We are blessed with a great church family and a wonderful Pastor. It was THE way to start the year....After church we went to my husband's parents house to celebrate with family and a yummy dinner. There are always plenty of funny memories being shared and too much fudge eaten by all ( someday I will have to do a whole blog about my husbands Aunt Cook's fudge...and yes it's THAT good!)
.......Somehow I forgot to take my camera for this :(

   Another of our traditions is our Annual Wreath Drop. We have been doing this for the past 5 years and I don't know who has more fun ...the kids, or Dad! I usually stand in front of the house and video or take pictures. Dad runs all through the front of the house "releasing" the wreaths while the boys are outside guessing which wreath will be dropped next.... Mom, of course strongly urging them to not let them hit the ground. I wasn't too worried since I am replacing all the bows for next year. The old ones lasted 5 years so not too bad.
   Here's a visual if it's hard to imagine....

This should have been our Christmas card...maybe next year lol

My wonderful farm boys!

   I hope all of you have a wonderful year this year and that you will walk close with the Lord every step of the way. I'm not big on resolutions...I'm trying to take more time to "listen" to what God would like me to work on and let Him take the lead in making the necessary changes within me. Change is good :)
   Thanks for reading,
Blessings in the new year,


Unknown said...

Happy New Year Allison! Great post.. and lovely card for next year too!

Farming On Faith said...

Happy New Year to you and yours.

Sound like a great time~ we were all sick and quiet this year. So it is nice seeing all those who partied.

Becky Jane said...

Your traditions sound like such fun! Friends and family are be best way to celebrate!

Kellie said...

Love you Allison :) I loved reading about the wreath drop! So unique; love it! And I had so much fun at your house for New Years! What a wonderful bunch you are :) Thank you again for opening up your home to us crazy kids! Love you! <3

3rnigerians said...

dear Allison,
I love this post. I love the family wreath drop tradition and the family/friends New Year's Eve party. Your boys are TALL and handsome; and yes, that picture should be your next Christmas card. It's a great picture. Thank you for sharing such fantastic memories with all of us on the Country Homemaker Hop. I look forward to your next post. What a great blog.

Michelle said...

The wreath drop looks like so much fun. Your right the picture of the boys would make a great Christmas card next year. That's if they don't grow to much over this year. Boys tend to do that.LOL

Camille said...

What a fun tradition with the wreaths Allison! Your boys are really young men, aren't they? How quickly they grow.

May the LORD bless you all in 2012!


3rnigerians said...

Dear Allison,
I love your blog. You focus on the most important things: family, faith, and home. I am awarding you with the Liebster Blog Award. Please hop on over to my blog to pick it up.

Congratulations, you deserve it.

Unknown said...

LOVE the wreath drop pics. That should be a Christmas card. Sounds like a really fun time fellowshiping and celebrating the new year.