Friday, April 15, 2011

I Love Spring!



    I have to say these past couple of days have just been so what I've needed! Bright warm sunshine...a gentle breeze...and time to enjoy it! Yesterday I sat out on the deck just taking it all in...the cherry blossoms seemed to come out overnight, can't wait til their fragrance fills the air! ...This makes me remember how beautiful the cherry trees were last year...and then came all the cherries!...and ice cream topping...and pie! I hope it's another good year :)


I am not the only one enjoying this lovely day, the cats (every farm has cats, and we have plenty) are laying lazily on the sun saturated deck. Spring means kittens, we always are "blessed" with new stray pregnant basking in the sun are two. They are so cute when they are tiny, but we do not need more!...but for now, they are my quiet company.

   Looking at everything springing awake from a long winter's nap, I feel I MUST go and get my camera. It's as if I can hear God's beautiful creation call out "Look at me! Look at all the wonderful detail I've been given!" I am looking forward to the day that I can plant the veggie garden that I've been plotting in my head!

   I am so thankful that I live in the's not for everyone I know. Things are a little quieter and slower, and I can seem to hear God's voice a little clearer out here. I am also thankful for my farm boy that I met at the age of  7 and later married, and my three young farm boy sons...ahhh life is good...

There's No Place Like Home!

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Kritter Keeper at Farm Tails said...

hi allison! your farm is a couple of hours from where i am from it seems. you sound a lot like me, i do feel one can feel God's voice easier in the country within the peaceful surroundings. it is nice to know someone welcomes stray kitties like me. my callie came and was preggie but she was so thin i wasn't sure then my sweet little grandcat came into the world...well, he isn't sweet, as he is incredibly spoiled and beats all the other cats up since he was an 'only' and didn't know how to socialize with other kitties besides his mama. hop on by when you get a chance! i just followed you~ :)

Jill @ The Prairie Homestead said...

Beautiful post and pictures! I too love living in the country- there is nothing quite like the peace and stillness out here! :)

Unknown said...

I love your outlook! We finally had sunshine today too...I spent all day outside enjoying gods greening of the earth, planting seeds of hope for a colorful flower garden and healthy food to eat and watching my hubby sitting in the sun polishing up an old radio he just got on ebay... children's laughter in the back ground just added to this very special May Day!
Thanks for this post today...

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures and such a beautiful outlook. Those kittens are adorable. Everyone seems to have kittens right now.