Thursday, April 21, 2011

Thursday Thoughts of the Cross...

Have you taken the path to the cross?

  With Easter coming, my thoughts this week are  about how quickly events turned from Palm Sunday...Everyone shouting "Hosanna!" People were thrilled to see Jesus coming into the city. Everyone was hearing about this miracle maker and wonderful teacher claiming to be the Son of God. Everyone wanted a glimpse of this man, maybe even a touch from this man.

   Today, I am thinking about the last supper...Jesus knew that he would die soon, he had the power to prevent that from happening, but he held that back...tonight he would be having dinner with the ones who were closest to him.
   I picture an intimate setting of them all gathered around the table in that "upper room". They were sitting and remembering the things of God, and Jesus gives them the symbolic lesson so many of us are familiar with today...He took the bread, and broke it and passed it and explained how his body would be broken for them...(and for us)... He took the wine and gave them, saying his blood would be a sign of a new covenant...(that promise is for us too). Then he told them to do this in remembrance of him...Jewish culture is wonderful at remembering, taking the time to stop daily living and remember God's provision as if it just happened. ...Jesus was telling them to meet and do this special bread and wine remembrance that we call communion.
   Am I doing a good job at "remembering"? I feel very convicted that during our communion services throughout the year, I probably do not "remember" with the heaviness that I am feeling this Easter week. Tonight I will be going to a "cross walk" with the teen girl group I'm involved with. I'm hoping that the things we see will help us remember all that Christ did for us...
   He suffered in ways that are unspeakable, and died an ugly death on a cruel cross...he had the power to destroy that crowd who earlier in the week sang "Hosanna"  but who was now screaming " Crucify him!"...but he chose to love them instead, and shed his blood for every one of them...and everyone of us. He gave up his will and strength, took on the ugly sins of all time and died. The Son of God died a criminals death and was buried in a borrowed tomb...for me...for you
   But the story does not end there...but there is a period of silent waiting...(see you Sunday ;) )
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Unknown said...

Thank you for sharing! If even ONE person sees this who needs Jesus!! ♥- Katrina